Twitch Becomes Most Popular Live Streaming Site

YouTube has become the quintessential video platform for years. Many have wanted to be up to it but without success. Now a platform stands up to him. What is Twitch and why is it popular? The Internet has democratized the recording and editing of videos, giving rise to millions of personal channels with very diverse content.


These channels emerge on platforms such as YouTube, the jewel in the crown in terms of creating visual content. Born in 2005, this social network has practically no limits. Millions of people pass through it every day and can choose what to see and when to do it, which is a great advantage over traditional media.

But now YouTube has emerged a tough competitor: Twitch, the platform born in 2011 to which Amazon has given the final push.

Why is Twitch Successful?

With the legislation, we have come across! And it is that the first of the differences that usually lead to the creators of channels to choose Twitch before YouTube is its regulations. This last platform has a series of content restriction laws, approved by Europe and Latin America, which have made it difficult for creators to make their audiovisual products profitable. The algorithm YouTube, videos, and qualifying standards monetization thereof, it has made many contents do not reach as many viewers as planned.

Another powerful reason for Twitch’s popularity is due to the growth of eSports. While YouTube puts obstacles in the way of creators of channels dedicated to this sport, the platform powered by Amazon makes it easier. A reality that has not caused them to abandon their accounts on YouTube itself, but it has led them to acquire a lower activity profile.

In addition, the option of streaming content, rewarding spontaneity, has led Twitch to earn more points for users. Finally, we must not forget the economic advantages that Twitch offers. On this platform it is monetized based on the number of subscribers and the same users can make donations to their favorite creators.

Are they really a competition?

Despite their differences, we must consider both platforms as complementary and not as competitors. An advantage that many YouTubers already take advantage of who do their live shows on Twitch and then upload an edited version to their YouTube channel.